To see or not to see? That is the question.

P1020220When you make a new acquaintance there are certain protocols that are usually followed. For instance , a conversation will usually begin with hello then progress onto mundane small talk about the weather or how your day has been before delving deeper depending on who you’re talking to and the situation. Or so I’ve heard…

I hope it is because I give off a friendly vibe but apparently these guidelines don’t apply when you are talking to me. My disability is fairly obvious and would be difficult to hide, nor would I want to. But still could we at least talk about the weather a bit before you start asking me if I can shower myself? For the record, yes I can.

It’s natural to be curious and I personally prefer you ask if you’re wondering rather than assume as it’s how we learn, but still, a girl has to have some secrets.

The other day I went and had my nails done at a new salon. Granted, it was the school holidays and I was there with my mum but the woman smiled at me and asked me how old I was. I am 4 foot nine and barely 40kg so it was understandable when she almost fell off her chair at hearing I am 28. She was very embarrassed after that and I was trying very hard to fight the giggles.

After we have dispensed with my personal hygiene, eating habits, and ability to do various other tasks the conversation will usually turn to how much I can see. So boys and girls today I have a task for you…
For this task you will need:
One pair of sunglasses, medium darkness
A jar of Vaseline or similar
Two toilet rolls

Take sunglasses and smear the lenses with a generous amount of Vaseline
Cut toilet rolls in half and then cut each piece lengthwise and stick the pieces together forming two bigger cylinders. Attach these cylinders to the lenses of the sunglasses.

Now put them on and this is what I see!

It’s not that I mind talking about myself.  Hell, I do have a blog. But people really need to realise that sometimes you just  need to mind your own business.  There are appropriate and inappropriate subjects and appropriate times to address them.


PS: If anyone actually tries this please let me know. I promise not to tell anybody that you had no plans for the weekend!


2 thoughts on “To see or not to see? That is the question.

  1. I love your sense of humour. And here I am thinking how horrible it is when I get a visual migraine that gives me tunnel vision with flashing lights around the perimeter, but no vaseline! And they’re only temporary.
    Stay strong!

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