I draw the line at cricket


Brace yourself… I have never seen Rocky, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Rambo, The Godfather, The Matrix or more than one episode of Star Wars. This is not deliberate; I just haven’t gotten around to it.  I am not a fan of Seinfeld, Rap music or heavy metal (unless it’s at The Perth Mint) and I’m only into literature if I can get it as an audiobook.

I follow the Fremantle Dockers because they’re purple (my favourite colour), although I have never been to an AFL game and I love it now but, I only got into tennis because I thought Roger Federer was hot! Embarrassingly there was a time that I almost followed the West Coast Eagles because I thought Scott Watters was cute but thankfully I came to my senses. I have been to one basketball game and in an emergency I could probably hold my own in a conversation about Association Football (AKA Soccer). I am learning about rugby, ice hockey and I even own a jersey from the Vancouver Canucks but, I draw the line at cricket…

I am a people pleaser and this combined with embarrassment and a heady dose of indecisiveness means that sometimes I find myself watching, listening to or attending things I wouldn’t necessarily choose. This  has the advantage that if it’s crap, it’s not my fault but, if it’s good I’ve enjoyed myself.

I recall as a child loathing the football season. The games always seemed to go on forever and as they were on on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there seemed to be no escape. Then, when I began my first job at the age of 19 I was encouraged to join the football tipping competition and this was the beginning of the end…

I knew nothing about football. I didn’t know the rules, the teams or where the games were being played and I certainly wasn’t going to watch one to find out. Not surprisingly this resulted in me being an abysmal tipper. Ironically though, I wasn’t even bad enough to win the wooden spoon.

My competitiveness meant that this would never do. So, I decided if you can’t beat them join them. From here on in I kept up to date with all the ins and outs, I made sure I knew who won each game and I even made a conscious effort to learn the rules. It didn’t do any good though, I was still a terrible tipper but by now it was too late, I was hooked. Conversely, I now eagerly anticipate the beginning of each new season and I watch every Dockers game religiously. My obsession has been further fuelled by my winning the football tipping competition twice in three years. Thank God we don’t have cricket tipping!   

Growing up my brother and I were treated/subjected to what is lovingly referred to in our family as “wrinkle radio”. This consisted of a range of music but nothing released after the 1970’s. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and sadly, The Seekers featured prominently and I think this is where I get my love for the golden oldies. In Mum’s car we were allowed to listen to “our” station and the Playschool soundtrack which we listened to for a few more years than we’d care to admit. I am now a “trendy” which apparently means that I listen to whatever is on but my musical taste is simple; if I can sing along to it I like it.

As I spend more and more time with different people my tastes begin to morph. With friends who are into the arts I develop an appreciation for classical music and the theatre. With friends who are more bohemian I get to experience indie music and life outside the box and I still have time for my writing, excercise, live comedy and musicals. I used to think this was being a sheep and giving away my individuality but, actually this to me is truly living and I’ll try anything once.

But I still draw the line at cricket…



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