Fact or fortune

It’s finally happened, I’m now 29! I had asked my parents not to bother with gifts this year. I am fairly impatient and so if there is something I want I go out and buy it myself. I did however get in touch with my inner Dudley Dursley and make one request, I wanted an experience. Mum rose to the challenge and booked me in to see a psychic.

I admit I was sceptical and a little bit nervous but in the end I thought, what the hell at least it would be good for my blog!

I was asked to bring along a cutting from a plant in our garden that meant something to me and only I was to touch this cutting. For those of you playing along at home the cutting came from our blood orange tree. I also took along five photographs; one of each of my grandparents (three of whom have passed away), a photo of my uncle Allan(also deceased) and a snapshot of a friend. I had decided on the way I would not give away any information as to the subjects of these photos. I wanted to have actual proof that this woman was the real deal and I figured, if she was genuine she would already know. I did get the shock of my life when she picked up the photograph of my uncle and identified him by name. It wasn’t until later that I realised his name was written on the back. Keep an open mind I thought to myself…

I had only ever seen fortune tellers and psychic mediums on television and in movies so had envisaged an older woman who resemble Whoopi Goldberg sitting in front of a crystal ball and wrapped in a shawl. What I actually got was a normal looking woman in her mid-60s who led me into what appeared to be a stock standard study with not a crystal ball in sight.

As she lay my photos out on the desk in front of her and began to consider them, I was asked to select eight stones at random from a bowl to my right. I handed each stone to her one by one they were then lined up on the desk above the photos. These items and the cutting from the orange tree would form the basis of her reading.

Apparently the colour and shape of each stone I chose told her something about an aspect of my personality. She could tell that I am very organised and like to plan ahead, I am slightly resistant to change and I am fiercely independent. From the cutting she could tell that I am fun to be around, talkative and good at my job. She saw that I was happy at home, work and in general and that this would continue. Apparently I am in a seven year cycle (28 to 35) which is centred around relationships and that is why everybody loves me all of the sudden. I also have a beautiful aura and an old soul 40 years older than my actual chronological age. This elderly soul means I am emotionally advanced and mature beyond my years. All of this was great to hear but it was general and I needed proof!

I have seen Crossing Over with John Edwards and never quite believed when he claimed he could  speak to dead people. Who did he think he was, Hayley Joel Osmond? Upon looking at the photographs of my grandparents they told her that I was extremely loved (naturally) But it wasn’t until she allegedly heard from uncle Allan that I sat up and took notice. He was always a big man, capable and very dependable and reliable not to mention incredibly strong. But unfortunately cancer was stronger. In the end his body was so ravaged that he was rendered unable to speak. We were given notice that the end was near and gathered at his home to say “goodbye”. We weren’t sure whether he was conscious or whether he knew we were there but we went in one by one to see him. I was also present for the last rites something I had never witnessed before. The psychic knew nothing of this. She said that he knew I was there and that he knew it was difficult for me and that he appreciated it. She also said that he was sorry not to have been able to respond to me and that he had had a lovely funeral. This was important because I was unable to go and have been feeling guilty about it. I realise people find memories to fit in with the reading and this is how a lot of mediums prosper. I don’t know if I too am doing this and perhaps I am but it’s hard not to find it comforting.
I’m glad I did it and although I don’t think I would do it again it was nice to hear the things I heard . I suppose it doesn’t really matter whether it’s true or not.

By the way, whoever is organising the surprise mini break for me, please give me notice you know how I like to plan ahead…



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