Christmas: expectation wrapped in pretty paper

Why is it that small talk during December always seems to include the question, “are you ready for Christmas”? It’s as if people see the day as some sort of disaster like a cyclone or tsunami that we need to prepare for. Gifts need to be bought and the Pav must be made in time because if Nanna hasn’t got her tea towel with the dancing ducks on it the world will come to an end.
Geez people, the shops will be open again tomorrow and it’s ok to eat a sandwich at Christmas.

I went to midnight (or rather 10pm) mass last night. Two things amazed me, 1. The church roof didn’t collapse when I entered and 2. I still knew the script off by heart. I suppose twelve years of catholic schooling had to amount to something. I’m not very religious although I am led to believe that December 25th (aka Christmas) is meant to be the commemoration of the birth of Christ, right? Whatever happend to that? Thank goodness Jesus was an only child and we only need to do this once a year!

This year we are taking it easy. We’re having a small yet delicious feast of gnocchi, garlic prawns and roast pork, just my parents, Nonna and I. It’s so chilled out in fact that so far the highlight of the day has been watching the slow and methodical progress of Rosie, our new robomaid as she navigates her way through the house. Bliss!

This is a far cry from the nightmarish Christmases of my childhood which were filled with force feeding, spoilt children fighting over toys and a gaggle of auntys competing to be crowned the best mother in the universe. If you weren’t sick of it by 1pm you certainly were at 1am the next morning when they were still here and are showing no signs of going home even when the clean-up was taking place around them. Fun fun fun.

Everyone keeps saying “it doesn’t feel like Christmas” but exactly what is Christmas supposed to feel like? It’s hot, sunny and the flies and mozzies are out in force, what more is there? If you’re waiting for snow that’s winter… in Europe and there are no chestnuts roasting on an open fire during a total fire ban. Sorry

If it’s Santa Claus you’re waiting for I’m afraid you’ve missed him…

So as another festive season draws to a close we can be comforted by the fact that we survived again, filled with the Christmas spirit, shaken not stirred.



3 thoughts on “Christmas: expectation wrapped in pretty paper

  1. Yes, but are you ready for Easter? ha ha!
    And I know what you mean about remembering the script. I am an infrequent visitor, but can still fully participate – except for communion. It’s been so long I’m afraid that without confession first (which would take a very long time) I’d burst into flames.

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