It’s not easy being green

Along with billions of people across the globe I kicked off 2014 with a set of resolutions aimed at improving my life and achieving goals within the upcoming year. Nothing too earth shattering, just the basics; eat better and give up Coke (the drink not the drug, maybe I’ll give that up next year), get more sleep (in my bed not on the couch or at my desk) etc.  Of course, like so many others it wasn’t long before I faltered. I’m afraid I just can’t subscribe to that old adage “if you love something let it go”.  I am, as they say, only human.

It was at this point I realized that the only way I’d actually keep/go through with a New Year’s resolution would be to make it something I would actually want to achieve. And I’m ashamed to admit, something I can brag about later.

Here is what I’ve come up with:
1. Improve my blog.
First step would be to actually write one.  I got a bit lazy and distracted after Christmas so my blog had been left by the wayside. That is until I received a gentle nudge from the “Butlievers”, my small but loyal group of readers. For the record I didn’t give them that name and now that it’s out there I shall deny all knowledge of it.  LOL.  I set a pie in the sky goal of an average of 5 hits per day and 50 followers by the end of the year.  I’m not sure where I’ll get them but I’ve heard it said, if you build it they will come, so build it I shall.  I have been looking into creative writing classes around town to help me hone the skills and find new inspiration which I’m hoping will make inner musings of a funny looking kid a much better read.
2. Run a marathon
Ok so a marathon might be a bit ambitious, but, a girl can dream. Actually, I am planning to enter the 4km event at the HBF Run for a Reason in May and if all goes well, the same division in the City to Surf in August. Until now the furthest I’ve walked in one go is 3km and I haven’t been running since I was in Primary School so I am looking forward to the challenge and desperately hoping I can do it. If memory serves the last run I did was at our annual school sports day when I was 12. Someone had the brilliant idea to enter me as a competitor in the 100metre sprint to represent my beloved green faction. What an epic fail.
I did finish but as my fellow sprinters crossed the finish line I was barely at the 10m mark and when I finally did finish a good 10minutes (or more) later the next race was all set up at the other end. Such happy memories.
3. Do something adrenaline inducing
I think it’s my close proximity to the ground that makes me love heights and it must be the fact that I move so slowly that I feel the need for speed. Either way it’s time to unleash my inner daredevil.  Ever since I did it off Bruny Island in Tasmania I’ve wanted to go jet boating again. Therefore when I opened the birthday card containing a voucher for that very activity three thoughts crossed my mind; one, WOO HOO JET BOATING. Two, my friends are the best, and three, thank God it’s not skydiving. I would also like to have a V8 Supercar experience at the raceway. Hint hint hint.
4. (And most importantly) Relax and stay in the moment
I am allergic to boredom.  This means that every moment must be accounted for and occupied lest that moment be wasted. My mind is always 10 steps ahead of me anticipating what’s to come and ensuring I am never able to fully enjoy or give anything 100%.  It also means I find it hard to switch off and relax. In an effort to be nicer to myself (including not putting myself down as discussed in previous posts) I have made a conscious decision to live in the moment. In the words of Doris Day “che sera sera”. I might even try only hearing what people actually say and not what I think they mean.

The sky’s the limit and Chinese New Year is only a week away!



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