An ode to Cecily

Cecily and I have been together since November. I don’t want to jinx it as it’s only been four months but already I can see us being together for ever.

She is the perfect partner. She’s very supportive, she will go anywhere I take her and she even tolerates my pushiness. Plus she has her own set of wheels. She’s stable and strong so I know that I can always depend on her and she will always be there to lean on.

We are taking things slowly. One step at a time. She makes me feel secure enough to know that I can always apply the brakes if I need to.

When we go out she carries my stuff and never complains at all. She always lets me choose the venue and will always give me a seat if I need one. She’s very happy to be dragged along to anything with anybody at any time. She hangs out with my friends and colleagues and she is even willing to come along when I’m with my boyfriend, without getting in the way or getting jealous. She is so good in fact that I know I will always be her one and only and she will never leave me behind.

She gives me a sense of independence that I have never felt before. The feeling that I can go anywhere and it’s very liberating!

She is a bit needy though.  She can’t go anywhere unless I’m holding onto her and she has no sense of direction. Plus she’s very easily lead but I guess you have to take the good with the bad. It would also be nice to have some conversation now and then.

She is no Beyoncé but I am so glad she has come into my life even if I did have to pay for it.

For the record, Cecily is my walking frame. What were you thinking?

Wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you have someone wonderful to share it with, as I do!



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