Life’s Never Boring When I’m Deaf

This morning I woke up deaf again. Fabulous, another ear infection. There goes my visit to The Good Food and Wine Expo and the WA Youth Orchestra concert for tonight. Bugger!. Apparently the key to any good relationship is communication. Ok agreed but what if you’re legally blind, temporarily deaf and your boyfriend has no arms? He can’t do sign language and even if he could, I can’t see it anyway. Honestly, it’s perfect for a sitcom. On a side note, if someone would like to produce this concept I’d like Judith Lucy to play me please. It’s very lucky that he’s so easy going as the having to repeat himself 10 times and having to literally yell into my ear is very frustrating for us both. Still it could have been worse, what if he’d lost his voice? Perhaps he would have to resort to my Mum’s special brand of silent communication, mime. I remember the last time this happened, I was deaf as a post and looking for Dad. There was no point calling him as I’d never hear his response so I asked mum if she knew where he was. “He’s in the ???” She said, “where”, I said, “the ???” She repeated, this time yelling into my ear. I still didn’t get it so she tried a new tactic. She stood directly in front of me and squatted, stood up straight then squatted again. I thought for a second and then it dawned on me. “He’s in the toilet isn’t he? I said laughing. Life is never boring when I’m deaf. Bring on the Cochlear Implant! XOXO


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