Where the Hell is the other door?

I Well another chapter of my life has closed. I am single again. It’s not all bad though; just think of the money I’ll save on waxing!
In a year that is turning out to be one of enormous growth for yours truly, the past eight months have been some of the happiest, most fun, frustrating, emotional and eye opening months of my life. I have laughed, cried, felt butterflies, doubted myself, felt great about myself, felt empowered, felt scared, felt appreciated and yes, felt loved even if only by accident. I have had new experiences, some good and some not quite so much, and had numerous fabulous adventures that I can honestly say I wouldn’t have wanted to share with anyone else.
I know it’s very clichéd but I am not the person I was eight months ago and I have learnt a lot.
I always had this idea in my head that I am some hideous creature, desirable to no-one. Apparently not. It is true there are some parts of me that are “unique” and I am almost completely flat chested (apparently not the end of the world)but, there are also parts of me that are really rather wonderful. Imagine that! I have come to realise that amongst a gamut of hidden talents that I never knew I had, and that can only be nurtured by a partner, there are lots of things I can offer. Not least of which is my apparently lovely derrière. LOL. With this comes the shocking realisation that there are actually more good points to me than bad. This is a particularly lovely notion to carry around.
For the record; I know what I look like,, I know how I walk, I know how much I can see and I know how much I can hear. I can’t help it. There is a fine line that separates a joke from an insult. I can take a joke. Hell most of my blog consists of me making fun of myself. I appreciate a good witticism or play on words but it’s hard for me to learn to like myself when I hear comments that are deliberately mean spirited (even in jest). No one likes to be referred to as Quasimodo. If I can’t put myself down, neither can you!
For some reason I finally got up the courage to put myself out there knowing full well that the majority of men would more than likely overlook me. Unfortunately you only get one first impression. Amazingly though Matt did decide to get to know me despite my use of the appalling pick up line “I seem to have lost my phone number, can I have yours” which was purely to make him laugh(my weapon of seduction).
He even agreed to go out on a date with me to which I brought my mother, and still I got a second date. I should add here she didn’t stay, she simply walked me in (not a good idea to go it alone in an unfamiliar place if you’re visually impaired and accident prone). She did bring Dad to pick me up though. The family that dates together stays together.
The awkward part now is where to go from here. Can you really be friends with an ex? These are uncharted waters and I’m not a strong swimmer.


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