I can deal with arthritis because my nonna may be superhuman

I think I’ve met the perfect man. I saw him on Saturday afternoon and Monday night and he says he wants to see me again. He calls when he says he’s going to and he gave me his number so I can call him. I probably wont though, I don’t want to seem too eager. There is just one problem with my Orthopaedic specialist, he has made me realize I am getting old. Well my body is anyway. I knew my ability to knit and crochet would come in handy eventually.

I have been joking lately that as I am a mere 2 months away from my 30th birthday I am now over the hill. I don’t really believe this, I just enjoy the reaction it gets from my elders (insert maniacal laugh here). It seems the universe has heard this and as they say, Karma is a bitch!

My left foot (the Picasso-esque one) has been hurting lately and using my vast medical expertise I had diagnosed myself with a broken leg. I had 2 x-rays and an MRI, kept off it as much as possible (including scooting around the house on an office chair), and kept it elevated. Then I learned it isn’t broken, I have arthritis.

I am told it will get progressively worse over time and I will need a full foot reconstruction sometime in the next few years. Oh how I wish I had worn my leg braces as a kid (see post ‘The pursuit of balance). It’s not all bad, millions of people deal with arthritis every day. I am allowed to walk although only short distances so no more City to Surf for me. So much for my aspirations of becoming a long distance hobbler. Still, at least I can cross it off my bucket list. To fend off the inevitable I do get to wear a caliper. Can’t wait to add that to my ensemble, it will really compliment the walking frame.

I also find taking glucosamine and magnesium does wonders and regular sessions of acupuncture help too. It really isn’t as painful as you might think. Just don’t roll over!

You should never put all your eggs in one basket because if the basket breaks, there goes your omelet for tomorrow’s breakfast. I do enjoy a good omelet so I have decided to set some new goals. Ok, I can’t do anymore long distance walking but what can I do?

  1. I can still keep up my fitness routine. The gym and Pilates sessions I have every week and which I really enjoy can be tailored to accommodate my Granny foot. Although I have had to drop them back to one session of each per week. As long as I don’t do anything “body slamming’ as my Pilates instructor Neil calls it, I should be fine. It does mean no more cross-trainer though. What a shame.
  2. I can learn to ride a horse. I have always wanted to do this but I have never gotten around to it until now. Having recently discovered that Riding For The Disabled WA also teach adults I have put my name down and hopefully I will start in the new year. Apparently riding can also help with balance as it requires the rider to engage their core muscles and it is also good for space and distance perception so that’s a good reason to go.
  3. I can be a minor dare devil. I have mentioned before that I wanted to go Jet Boating and so I am going next weekend with a group of buddies. I have also booked myself in to go sky diving to mark my 30th birthday (it seemed like a good idea at the time). I am jumping from 14 000 feet into the heart of Perth and by writing about it here I hope I will actually go through with it. If my brother is reading this, I still want to do the V8 Supercar experience at Barbagallo Raceway so if you haven’t thought about what to get me for my birthday HINT HINT HINT.

If I need proof that my newfound arthritis will not slow me down unless I let it I need only go next door. There I will find my 91-year-old Nonna tending to her vegetable garden, climbing trees to scare birds away from her loquats and generally being self sufficient. So self-sufficient in fact that she once moved a full size fridge out of her kitchen, off her verandah and down a step, down the drive way and onto the street verge all by herself. She was only a spring chicken then though. She was 89. Why did she do this?  Because no one else was home and she wanted it done now of course.

Perhaps it is the Sicilian in her, perhaps she’s super human or perhaps it comes with the name. Nina.



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