Dear Santa I would like some courage for Christmas!

Well there are only three days until Christmas. You know what that means, only four more days until we can buy hot Cross buns and chocolate eggs again!

I have just been wined (yes wined), dined and extremely spoiled for my 30th birthday so I am not expecting much for Christmas. There is something I would like although I doubt I will find it under the tree.

Dear Santa, if you’re reading this I would like some courage… Not the sort of courage that helps you jump out of a plane but rather the sort of courage that allows you to say fuck you (excuse my French) to those who are holding you back.

On a side note, the skydive I had planned to celebrate my 30th has not yet gone ahead due to a slight health hiccup. This will hopefully soon be resolved and the skydive will be rescheduled for late January or early February 2015. Rest assured when it happens you’ll know.

This has been a good year. I have successfully completed the 4 kilometre divisions in both the HBF Run For a Reason and the City to Surf using only my walking frame and my own 2 feet. I have been published in two National publications and I’m due to be published again in early 2015. I have just celebrated 10 years at St John of God Pathology in a job that I enjoy. I have had marvellous adventures including jet boating, bush bashing and I’m even been on a very fun but supremely unsuccessful fishing trip. And to top it all I have just put down a deposit for my dream apartment, complete with sex and the city style wardrobe. Woo hoo!
Basically I am happier and more social than I have ever been.

I write albeit not to brag (much) but rather to illustrate the fact that I did it myself. Not because people feel sorry for me or because I am the token “disabled one” but because I worked hard. And because people enjoy having me around.

There are those who for reasons known only to themselves have chosen to see my disability as a burden on their lives. For a fleeting second I was back at square one with my self confidence and I found myself being embarrassed about things I cannot help. I was also ashamed of being ill. I had allowed people whom I suspect were boosting their own self worth by diminishing mine to bully me back into my shell.

How dare you claim that I am cramping your style. You are not cramping mine, and you’re ignorant!

Then I realised how much has been accomplished without them..

Perhaps I am not such a burden after all!



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