An ode to a lost love

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she needs support, comfort and a feeling of stability. You were that for me. You were with me as I achieved goals, walked on glaciers and faced fears. You made me stand tall no matter how I was feeling and you carried me through some of my life’s toughest challenges. For this I shall always be grateful.
Together we explored all the capital cities of Australia (some of them twice), lazed on the beach in Broome, rode in the side car of a Harley Davidson, flew in a helicopter (three times), did a cruise and rode the Rocky Mountaineer.
We went on romantic strolls through the streets of Vancouver, and the picturesque Lake Claremont in Perth. You were there for my first date, my first kiss and you supported me through all my relationships and subsequent heartbreaks.
As time went on you began to change, not surprising after 10 years. You weren’t able to support me as you once did. You still had your strong sole (one of the things that attracted me to you in the first place), but the beautiful rosy complexion that people would always compliment you on had started to peel away. Eventually the holes in that lovely façade became too much and I had to face reality; I had to let you go.
A few weeks have passed and I still miss you. There are so many outfits that are lacking now.
Goodbye my gorgeous fire engine red leather boots and thank you for the memories.


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