Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your Hearing Aids

Modern technology is a wonderful thing. Because of technology I can use a computer even though I can’t see what I’m doing, write this blog using dictation with only my voice and pay for things with just the wave of a card. This is a particularly dangerous one, especially when there are pretty handbags nearby desperately in need of a loving home.

Technology has also allowed me to hear. I am stone deaf in my left ear and in my right I have a hearing aid that does everything for me except make me breakfast. If down the track I decide I want surround sound I also have the option of getting a Cochlear Implant. This has been put on the backburner for the time being, but it’s good to know it is a possibility if I want it.

Although, sometimes technology isn’t my friend. Take for example the voiceover software on my iPhone. I’d be lost without it. It reads out my emails, my Facebook news and Twitter feeds, and it reads my text messages out to me. However, the content of such correspondence is often unpredictable and I could be anywhere when I get a text message. No one wants their boss to know how hammered they got on the weekend or to have their Grandma overhear how awesome their boyfriend thinks their bottom is!  Thank goodness for headphones!  Shame they’re not always handy though.

Then there’s that moment you get to your destination, your hearing aid battery goes flat unexpectedly and you don’t have a spare. A sinking feeling washes over you. It’s rather like the one you used to get when you hadn’t done your homework or the way you feel when you leave the house and discover you have accidently gone commando…I’m guessing.

You know you have two options. Leave immediately, not really an option considering you just spent 4 hours getting ready and  paid a king’s ransom in cab fare to get there. Or; nod, smile and pray that no one asks you a question.

Argh, first world problems!



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