New Relationships are like Discovery Centres

The start of a new relationship is so much fun. It’s a period of learning and exploration. A time when you find out the things you have in common, such as a mutual love for the movie “Dude, Where’s My Car?” And a mutual dislike of coffee (yes I have these in the correct order). It’s a time where you go to places you wouldn’t normally go, watch things that don’t particularly interest you and laugh at jokes that are not funny, all in the name of impressing your crush.

It’s also a time when you might learn something about yourself. For example when we went to the Perth Mint I stood on a scale that calculates what your weight is worth in gold.  According to the gold price that day my 48 kg was worth $2.9 million. I won’t lie, secretly I was disappointed with this number. I had hoped it would say priceless.

You may also learn that the things you remember fondly from your childhood may not be so wonderful when you’re all grown up.  I had been talking Scitech (a science discovery centre) up for weeks. I remembered riding on a magic carpet with my brother (I have actual video proof of this), the giant lung that actually breathed as you walked through it and the giant  tongue that taught you sweet and sour when you gave it something to eat. To me this place was awesome!

Of course this may have been because last time I went there I was 10 years old.  20 years later Scitech did not seem so cool. Aside from the fact that all my beloved exhibits were now gone, we seemed to be the only two people there over the age of 12. There was a 3-D printer printing a Tardis which was cool but sometimes happy memories should remain just that.

My new found maturity did not stifle my excitement at seeing Brum at the motor museum though, I was positively star struck!

Then there are the lessons in logic. The motor museum is filled with cars from every era since cars began being used in Western Australia, including the cars that needed to be cranked to start the engine.  I assumed like a music box you wound them until they could be wound no more, and then they drove until eventually they conked out and needed to be wound up again. Apparently this is not the case.

Mick and I have been dating for three months now. I have no idea why he likes me. He must just worship the ground I wobble on.



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