Fact or Fortune 2: The psychic revisited

Regular readers to my blog may remember that for my 29th birthday I was sent to a psychic for a reading as a gift. 18 months later and I am on six weeks of long service leave with no one to play with. What a good excuse to look back on what was predicted back in 2013 and have a new reading to see what’s coming up next.

In 2013 armed with a cutting from our blood orange tree, a few photos of my grandparents and a headful of trepidation I turned up for my appointment. The psychic told me that I was extremely independent and that my confidence and independence would continue to grow. Well, late last year I decided it was time to strike out on my own (I am 30 after all) and I purchased an apartment. It is still being built and I won’t get to move in until next year, but could this be what she was alluding to? Moving out on your own is a big step for anyone but for me with my disability, it’s massive! Of course it could just be a coincidence as she did say that due to the fact that I was happy at home there would be no changes for me there. Hmmmm.

In terms of my career she said that I was loved at work (what’s not to love?), that I was enormously respected and that my career would continue to plod along. I guess she was half right. I am still plodding along (I have just celebrated 11 years with the company) but my blog has spawned a number of paid writing gigs and shockingly I have been asked to give a guest lecture at a local university.

She also said that I am a very old soul (69 years) and that I was one year into a seven year cycle (28 to 35) that would bring me fun, happiness and love.

Perhaps the most curious thing that she predicted was the short holiday close to home that somebody was going to take me on. This hasn’t happened yet but I still have a week and a half of long service leave left so whoever it is still has time.

Recently I visited the psychic again, this time bringing with me a cutting from our bay tree. The reading was very different.

As soon as I sat down the psychic asked, “Are you a writer now?” Spooky! For the sceptics out there I am certain that this lady has never heard about or read any of my writing. She said she saw that I was doing some sort of writing and that my writing was touching others. I instantly remembered an email I received a few weeks ago from a lovely young lady who read one of my articles in The Big Issue. She said she could relate. She also said that she really enjoyed the piece and found it very funny. Naturally I loved her immediately.

What’s more, the psychic thinks I should be keeping multiple copies of everything I write because in my next cycle (35 to 42) I shall be writing a book. Apparently my disability is one of my strengths not one of my weaknesses. No one has ever said that to me before!

Apparently I am off on holiday again. But this time it is not one holiday but two and they are both overseas. My home life will remain great but no changes are expected (what about my apartment?), and my health will continue to be up and down but I will always find the right people to help me when I need it.

Towards the end of the reading things did get a bit strange. She wanted to know who had the special cat. I was baffled. We’re not a big cat family. We have had cats in the past but never one that would to go down in history as a “special cat”.   Whoever the cat is, apparently my grandma wanted me to know that she had it with her in the spirit world. “WTF!” I thought to myself.

I’m still not quite sure whether or not I believe in the power of psychics. But, as she seemed pretty sure that only greatness lays ahead of me, I suppose I should give her the benefit of the doubt.


PS: The prequel to this post was called “Fact or Fortune” and was published on 12 December 2013


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