The Eyes Have It


Okay, so my eyes are failing again… Bummer! Never fear, my eyesight is not completely gone but apparently there’s been a dip. I’m classified as legally blind which does make one wonder, how much eyesight do you need to lose before it becomes illegal?

It did mean I got new glasses (woo hoo!). I resisted the urge to get the Harry Potter frames (boy that was difficult!) as I knew that as much as I adore all things Harry Potter eventually I would regret it. Almost as much as I would regret getting a portrait of Daniel Radcliffe tattooed on my face. Besides, when you’re 4 foot 9 and a funny looking kid, it is hard enough to get people to take you seriously and treat you like an adult as it is.  That, and well… I am 30.

Just like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz who instantly became intelligent upon receiving his diploma, I instantly felt smarter wearing my new specs.  Not sure how intelligent the scarecrow actually was though. Because when he received the scroll he recited the Pythagorean Theorem…incorrectly. Perhaps the wizard should’ve given him a pair of glasses instead.

It’s funny how getting new glasses (a visual aid) gets me compliments for my style choice and Cecily my walking frame (a mobility aid), gets me compliments on how well I am walking.  But my hearing aid (a hearing aid) gets nothing. I realise that sometimes it’s hard to spot, but still it is interesting what people think is appropriate to mention.

I have seen people ask a bespectacled person if they can try on their glasses and I myself have had people ask if they can have a go in my collapsible wheelchair or my walking frame. But, never have I heard of someone wanting to try out a hearing aid. In my case this is possibly a good thing. With my dodgy hearing, trying on my hearing aid might blow your eardrum.

At least by then you will have had some experience with hearing aids though…



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