Making Lemonade Out of My Disability

An ex-boyfriend and I used to have this routine whereby we would have dinner whilst watching the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) music quiz show “Spicks and Specks”. We would compete against each other and if I lost (almost always. The man was a walking music encyclopaedia), I would simply declare we were playing under “golf rules”. This meant that the player with the lowest score would be the winner. Of course this rule only applied when I was losing. I have always had a knack for making lemonade out of my lemons.

If I was a car you would probably call me a lemon. I can’t go very far before I conk out, my battery doesn’t last as long as it should, the body is a bit dodgy and I don’t even have a decent set of headlights.

My disability is at once a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it irks me that as a 30-year-old I still rely on others for things that my able bodied peers do not. Simple things such as catching up with friends can sometimes require lots of planning and after all that need to be cancelled anyway because something on my body has decided to malfunction. Thank goodness I have very understanding friends.

Regular readers of my blog may remember the sky dive I have been planning to do. It has been cancelled twice now due to illness (perhaps my body is trying to tell me something). I have decided that third time is a charm and while I have this window of wellness I am going to rebook. Stay tuned for a blog on that…If it happens!

On the other hand my disability has really started to come in handy. a while ago I was in the car with Dad and the guy in the car in front of us stopped for a call of nature (hey, when you gotta go you gotta go) and he didn’t even bother to find himself somewhere discreet. Dad was disgusted but I, being legally blind, saw nothing. How about that for a positive spin?

It has occurred to me that if I did not have the disability I have I would possibly not encounter the staring and ignorance etc. that I get on a regular basis. But if I didn’t experience this I might never have started my blog in the first place.

Because of my blog and the confidence it has given me in talking about my disability I was asked to speak about my experiences at a focus meeting for a group of people who care for the elderly and those with disabilities. Coincidently on the same day as I gave this speech I received an invitation to give a guest lecture at Curtin University about blogging.

I was reluctant about doing either of these. I couldn’t understand why they would want me. What on earth could I impart that would be interesting or helpful? I was super nervous but in the end I did do them both. I am not sure if I actually helped anyone but they did seem to be interested in what I had to say. I even got a few questions.

The scary thing is that now I have a taste for this I really want to do it again. My blog was always meant to show the world (yes I aim high) that those with disabilities can do anything and if speaking to people helps with that then sign me up.

Oh how I love lemonade!



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