Just Do It


I have not always been legally blind (a fact I often “forget” to mention when I tell someone that I used to drive), in fact I have had near perfect vision for most of my life. I was not always this hard of hearing or this wobbly either.

Yet before I went blind (aka before I turned 25) I didn’t really do much (other than work) at all. I went to the odd party and enjoyed the occasional holiday, but mostly I just sat in front of the telly; watching whatever was on and doing long stitches. For anyone who doesn’t know what a long stitch is, it’s basically paint by numbers with wool. Yes, I now have a lot of pretty pictures to hang but still I am fairly sure this time could have been better spent.

Last weekend I finally did a skydive (see post “I came, I saw, I skydived!”). Not sure if anyone was aware of that, I only mentioned it 2 or 3 (thousand) times! Skydiving hasn’t been a life-long ambition for me. More like a year-long one that blossomed after it was suggested to me by someone who I am sure really didn’t think I would do it, and who could blame him? There was a time when I didn’t think I would do it either.

I have had a lot of people congratulating me this week. They have been saying things like, “you’re braver than me” or “I don’t think I could do that” but I am here to tell you, yes you can!

I find myself wondering, if I had done it earlier and my eyesight and hearing were both still intact would I have enjoyed it even more?

There are so many things that I have now decided I would love to do but with my body the way it is  I really wouldn’t get much out of it.  I’m kicking myself for not realising this sooner. Still, there are lots of things I CAN do so I intend to do as many of them as possible and make the most of each experience.

Skydiving may not be your thing and that’s ok. A guy who was diving with me has just been swimming with white pointer sharks and was trying to convince me to do it too. NO WAY JOSE. I hate getting my hair wet, that and I can’t swim.

You never know where you will be tomorrow, next month or anytime in the future so my advice would be; if you can, do. And do it now!

Who knows? One day if I learn to swim or if I can get someone to piggyback me around in the water again (see post “I can’t swim! And other life lessons I’ve learnt this week) I might actually get up the courage to swim with the sharks.

In the words of Rob Schneider in pretty much every Adam Sandler film ever created, “you can do it!”



P.S, if anyone does want to skydive please let me know. If I bring along 4 new victims I can do it again for free! LOL


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