I’m going to the Danger Zone

I thought I was scared in the lead up to the skydive I did in October. I thought if I went through with it and survived I would never be scared of anything ever again. I was wrong!


So cocky was I of my newfound bravery that my answer to almost anything was ‘sure, I can do that. I have jumped out of a plane.” It caused me to do lots of things I wouldn’t normally do. I even watched “Chucky Child’s Play “on Halloween night in the dark (although this turned out to be hilarious rather than scary). It (the cockiness) also led me to do something else I thought would terrify me. I booked an aerobatics flight in a stunt plane.


Now here we are two months on from my life-altering skydive and the stunt flight is in 5 days time. To say that I’m shitting myself (sorry Mum) would be a serious understatement!


I’ve ridden on the world’s steepest railway in Katoomba New South Wales where the track is on a 43 degree angle and you are in an open rail car which requires you to hang on to stay in, while blasting the theme from the movie “Indiana Jones”. But other than that the only rides I have been on have been the bumper cars and the merry-go-round at the Perth Royal Show. I have never been on a rollercoaster and frankly, I thought anyone who did go on one was nuts!


Since my skydive, people have been suggesting other things I might like to try. Paragliding has been suggested to me and I am very keen to try that but you have to travel far from Perth to do it, so it has been put on the backburner for the time being. I can’t go hot air ballooning as I am apparently not steady enough on my feet (and I hate getting up really early) so that’s out. The hot-laps I wanted to do in the V8 Supercar seem a little bit too tame now. Although, I wouldn’t mind being a passenger on a motorbike one day.


Then there are the suggestions of bungy jumping and “real” diving. You know, into a swimming pool. All I can say to this is that there is more chance of seeing me win Miss Universe than there is of seeing me do either of these. Why? Because apart from my very weak legs and terrible sense of balance which automatically rule me out. I HATE being upside down. I even scream like a girl just being thrown over someone’s shoulder.


I am totally at ease with the nose dives, and am eager to experience the speed. But the thought of loop-the-loops, death rolls (a very comforting name) and generally flying the wrong way up is freaking me out. If only I’d never seen the Red Bull Air Race and done that bloody skydive!


I have shown my skydiving video to everyone (whether they wanted to see it or not) and everyone keeps commenting how calm and serene I look. I have also bragged about how I was the only one not to scream and one of the only ones not to throw up. I doubt I will be able to say the same this time.


On the bright side though, I will get to wear a flying suit which I’m sure I will look awesome in and if Tom Cruise can do it then so can I!


I’m going to the danger zone… Wish me luck.




One thought on “I’m going to the Danger Zone

  1. Hi Nina
    I read your artical in, The big issue mag, good on you love, that’s the spirit. You are so blessed, and you know it. Life is a wonderful gift to enjoy.
    My name is Lennie butler. God bless us all.

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