I Swear, now with 50% less sugar!

A new regime has begun in our household. We now have a swear jar (or rather a swear box) where any language unbecoming will result in a $1 fine. At the end of Lent (a Christian festival that begins on “Ash Wednesday”, the 10th of February and ends on “Easter Sunday”, the 27th of March), any money that has been collected will be donated to charity.


I thought doing the City to Surf, Skydiving and conquering my fear of being upside down by doing stunts in an aeroplane were a challenge but apparently not. Compared to this that was nothing! It’s only day 1 and by 8am I had already racked up $2 in fines. In my defence though, I was singing along to Justin Beiber’s latest song “Love Yourself” which is so difficult to do without substituting at least a couple of the words. That, and the fact that even at 31-years-old I am still incredibly immature.


I know that swearing doesn’t seem like a very big sacrifice and for the record I am also giving up junk food/drink too (let’s see how long that lasts), but for me I am sorry to say that breaking this habit is huge. There is a saying “swearing like a sailor” that I hear a lot. The problem is that I know a few sailors and I don’t think any of them curse as much as I do. Perhaps the saying should be “swearing like a funny looking kid” instead.


I am not as bad as some though. I know someone who shall remain nameless (my brother) who uses swear words as adjectives and verbs as well as nouns. Unfortunately he has chosen not to participate which is a shame as between the two of us we could quite possibly wipe out the entire third-world debt.


I hope that the starving children are not relying on Mum though as I don’t think there will be many fines coming from her. It is so rare to hear her swear that when it does happen it’s hilarious. In fact, the only time I have ever heard her drop the “F bomb” was when she was mimicking Australian comedian Judith Lucy one night after we had seen her live. She turned to me out of the blue and said “well f*** me.” I was laughing so hard that I was unable to walk and to be honest, I suspect Mum felt a bit like a rebel. I don’t think she’d ever admit that though.


Speaking of challenges, I have recently signed up to abseil down the side of the QV1 building in the heart of Perth, Western Australia. This won’t be like the skydive or the stunt flying where everyone else did everything and I just went along for the ride. With this I think it is just me, a rope and fate. But thankfully I do get to do a training day and practice on a few rock faces first.


This time I am doing it to raise funds for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. I spent a good deal of my childhood in and out of that hospital and I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I am pretty sure that if it hadn’t been for that hospital and the doctors and nurses who work there, I probably wouldn’t be alive let alone able to go abseiling.


If you would like to donate, my fundraising page and more information about the cause can be found at https://abseilforpmh2016.everydayhero.com/au/nina-marie.

I would just like to point out though that as the training will be in April and the actual abseil will take place in early May, the no swearing regime will be well and truly over so all bets are off!



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