Confucius say: beware of man with hot accent – The post script

Previously on “Inner musings of a funny looking kid” we met “Mr Sweetheart,” the star of my last post “Confucius say: Beware of man with hot accent” whom I described as; tall, dark and handsome. While I still acknowledge this to be true I would now like to add incredibly brave (some might say clueless) to that list.


After some encouragement from some friends whose opinion I value greatly, I contacted “Mr Sweetheart” whom I shall now refer to as “Mr Braveheart” and asked him to call me back as I had a question for him.


Before you say it I know, I know. Making contact with the one who has so obviously followed his jewels to greener pastures is a huge dating no no and may have set the cause of women’s liberation back about 20 years (possibly this is an exaggeration). But what can I say? I was curious and to his credit he did call me back. Unfortunately, though, this is where his credit runs out…


The conversation began as any other. We exchanged pleasantries, enquired about each other’s families and engaged in idle chit chat, until I decided to cut to the chase. I told him that I had used my supreme intellect to deduce that he had had enough Nina in his life but that I had only one question. Why? Was it because I am disabled? God that sounds pathetic!


Of course he said no and he told me he had “accidently” met someone else (no surprises there). Almost as if it was the most normal thing in the world he went on to say that he’d had a fantastic time with me, that he really enjoyed talking to me and that we should still make plans to catch up. Adding that if things didn’t work out with the new girl that there was still a chance for us. I assure you my dear “Mr Braveheart” there is not.


For the first time in my life I was totally speechless. I mean honestly, the balls!





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