Fact or Fortune 3 Part 1: What the Psychic predicted and what actually happened.


I have just realised that in episode one of this series (see post “fact or fortune“) I stated that I would probably never do it again, but I have just been to visit the psychic for the third time. Hey, it’s not my fault. She is the one with the “gift,” not me!


Before that though I had a listen to the recording from my last reading for a look back on what was predicted and to see what she actually got correct. It turned out to be very interesting…


At my last visit (July 2015) I was not in a good place. I was in a relationship that was going nowhere and that I didn’t want to be in. I was constantly sick and other than a recent upswing in my writing career and a few opportunities that I had been given to give lectures on my life with a disability and writing a blog (somehow I was apparently an expert), there really wasn’t much going on in my life at all. I was frustrated, bored and extremely stressed out.


As usual I took along a cutting from a plant in our garden (the bay tree, in case you were interested) and apparently the branch that I chose was dripping with stress, which was all to do with my love life. She insinuated that the only reason that I was still in this relationship was to give myself someone to blame when I didn’t achieve everything I set out to do (ouch!). She said that I needed to get out of it as soon as possible. I did this and eventually the stress disappeared.  She also said that I needed to end the relationship because someone else was out there waiting to meet me who was exactly what I needed in my life (I swear this is not the reason I broke it off). Less than a year later I met Damion and I can honestly say that I have never been happier in a relationship. One for the psychic!



Career wise she told me that I was much loved at work, that I was respected and good at my job so I would (to use her words) “never be pushed out.” Well she was right about that. Until I was made redundant that is.  I was however transferred to another division within the group almost immediately so actually I was never really without a job.   I must have been liked a bit there too because on my last day they spoilt me rotten. They even withheld their cheers of jubilation about my departure until I was well out of earshot which was nice of them. Let’s call this one a draw. 


She said that she saw me giving more lectures and recently I have accepted another invitation from Curtin University to speak to their students. She also said I was due to do something that inspired others. I have recently been asked by someone who has read my blog if I would be an ambassador for an annual charity event due to take place in early 2017. Could this be what she meant?


As part of the reading I was asked to select eight crystals from the bowl sitting on the desk beside me. I did this but the first two I chose (which were identical in shape, colour and clarity) were stuck together which apparently indicates that I am going to have a very happy life. I found this a tad vague and had to fight hard not to roll my eyes, but she went on… 


In the year and a half ahead (Second half of 2015 and the entire 2016), I was due to experience some major changes in all areas of my life. Well, so far in 2016 I have; lost and found a job, started a new relationship and my health and well being (specially my hearing) dramatically improved. I will also finally move into my apartment later this year. Another point for the psychic.


The other 6 crystals told her that I am very independent, strong willed (is she saying that I am stubborn?)  and a bit domineering (who, me?) . These traits might make me take a few risks in my life (I went skydiving not long after this. Does that count?)  but I will always meet the right people at the right time and they will help me when I need it. I still find this enormously comforting.


She also predicted that by the time I’m 35 I will have been on two overseas holidays and sometime between 35 and 42 I will write a book. None of this has happened yet but don’t worry, if it does I will be sure to tell you.


The reading was drawing to a close when the psychic asked me, “Have you been thinking about your Nonno lately?”  He was apparently there and he wanted me to know that he knew I had a very sore neck which was stopping me from sleeping and he had been trying to help me out. Scared the hell out of me! I had a procedure  on my neck a few weeks before and my neck still very stiff, making it hard for me to sleep. I had not told her about this. Spooky!


Then she told me that my Grandma was also there and that she wanted me to know that she had “The special cat” in the spirit world with her. This baffled me completely and I have no idea what the hell she was talking about.  More than a year on and after speaking to many people about which cat she might be referring to I still have absolutely no idea.


Recently I had a conversation with a very clever friend of mine. In it we deduced that the reason that things such as positive thinking, prayer or predictions etc work (if indeed they do) is because, if a person decides that a particular thing is going to happen to them they subconsciously do things to make it happen. 


Makes me wonder, is this what I have done here?  




One thought on “Fact or Fortune 3 Part 1: What the Psychic predicted and what actually happened.

  1. I’m sure there’s an element of that and I also think they’re very skilled at reading people. You said your neck was still sore and I’m sure she could see that but talking about your Nonno in relation to it is too difficult to explain. You seem to approach the readings in the right way, relying on a fortune teller to direct your life would be a big mistake, I think. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

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