Fact or Fortune 3 Part 2: What the Psychic thinks now

Okay well she didn’t do so badly the last time. 50% is at least a pass, and they say third time is a charm. So I went to the psychic again. 

 At this visit (August 2016) I was in a much happier place than I was when I saw her last. I was healthier and finally in a relationship that made me truly happy.  I just left my job in pathology that I had held for 12 years and was due to commence my new position the following week.  I was also eagerly awaiting settlement of my new apartment and the date for which I can move in. Basically, I was one happy little ball of nervous but very excited energy!

 I bounced on in, clutching a photo of Damion and the cutting from the plant (the bay tree again) that she always asks for. It’s meant to be from a plant that means something special to me, and it has been instrumental in the creation of many a delicious meal over the years. But in truth, I really only chose it because it was the closest plant to the car.

 She ushered me in and sat me down before asking, ” So darling, what’s been going on in your life?” Ever the sceptic I simply replied, “You know, same old same old” and left it at that.  Far be it for me to steal her thunder.

 While she examined the cutting and the photo that I had brought with me, I randomly selected eight crystals from the bowl on the desk. For anyone who is interested, I always have to choose eight crystals because eight is half of 16 and 16 is my favourite number. 

 The first crystal was tiny, not even half as big as any of the others. Apparently this indicated that somebody I work with , that I admired, and who I trusted had made me feel small (not hard, I am 4 foot nine)  and this has caused me to feel “pushed out”. But as the second crystal was clear, the path was open for me to start anew at a job that I would enjoy more. I did need to be careful though, because the next three crystals were cloudy and indicated that I was too comfortable where I was and that now I was terrified of the change ahead. This was in fact true.

  Apparently I had put too high an expectation on myself and that I couldn’t go into the new job pretending that I knew it all. It is okay to ask questions and I can accept help if it is offered to me.  There is no harm in letting others do something nice for me if it makes them feel good (what? This is against all my programming). Further, if I did not do this I would create walls around me.

She looked at the cutting again and told me that she saw that I had recently bought a property. This was apparently a very good thing. The last three crystals were also clear but they were oddly shaped.  Meaning the move would be positive but that living here was just a stepping stone to something else. It would be something good though. 

 She asked me who it was in the photo and I told her that his name was Damion but unfortunately I cannot remember whether or not I identified him as my boyfriend. She then went on to describe him to a tee  and to tell me how gentlemanly he is. She told me that we shared a connection and that we could be quite happy together.  But that because we both had free will and “there is no such thing as a fortune teller” she didn’t know if he was “The one”.  For the record, I did not actually ask her that question.

 Before closing she told me that for once in my life I needed to stop and smell the roses. I needed to stop expecting something bad to be around every corner and to accept that sometimes life has good lesson to teach me as well. If I didn’t I would drive everything good away. I freely admit that I am now and have always been a pessimist. So I am trying to keep this advice in mind.

 But she wasn’t done…


“Who has a birthday coming up” she asked. Dad’s birthday was the week after the reading and that’s what  I told her. “Well” she said, “your Nonno wants you to wish him a happy birthday”  . This made me laugh. I don’t remember my Nonno ever being particularly chatty in life yet this is the third time he has popped in for a chat during a reading.  Perhaps he is just making up for lost time or maybe he’s a bit bored. Apparently the atmosphere in the afterlife is a bit dead (sorry I had to do it).


I’m pretty sure I have this psychic reading stuff out of my system now




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