A pony is not a baby horse…

So, riding for the disabled did not want to know me and it had been several months since I was able to check something off my bucket list. My feet were getting itchy again.
I asked my friend Jessica (a champion jockey) if I could come and ride one of her horses instead. She is awesome so of course she said yes, but with one caveat. I could ride the kids’ pony not her race horses.
Naturally I thought I would take to horseriding straightaway  (You know, like I do with everything), so I was confused by this request. But, knowing that it was with my safety in mind I agreed.
Besides, I love baby animals!
When I met Bambi I found that not only was she not a baby horse she was in fact 16 years old (roughly middle aged). She didn’t look as I had expected either. She was extremely beautiful. But where was the rainbow coloured mane and tail and where was the rainbow on her rump?

She didn’t look like the ones from that documentary “my little pony” at all. I bet she couldn’t even fly. With the advice, “sit up straight and keep your hands in front of you” from six year old Jett   and with the help of Damion and Jessicas partner Will (also a champion jockey) I got awkwardly onto Bambi’s back.
Apparently it’s not only on my feet that I am unstable on. I just couldn’t keep my balance.

Didn’t help that I was terrified. Or that I was wearing my Docs.  This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be…
Every time Bambi took a step, I would slip. It was lucky that Will was holding onto me for dear life (mine not his).
Eventually I got the hang of it.   I was still slipping constantly but at least I wasn’t so scared.

Funny how I can be 14,000 feet in the air and totally confident but closer to the ground and I’m terrified.

I had been warned that ponies were very cheeky.  Lucky for me Bambi decided to be on her best behaviour. She did stop regularly to snack on the very lush grass we were walking on.
But I’m told that this is because she usually lives in the “Jenny Craig” yard   So she would like a kid in a candy shop.
It turns out that lots of grass isn’t good for ponies… You learn something new every day.
I was allowed to give her carrots after our adventure though, and she didn’t even bite my fingers which was nice of her.
Everyone warned me that I would be in pain after sitting on a pony. “Pfft” I thought “I can handle a little bit of pain.”
That night I was feeling pretty cocky. No pain at all. The next morning, that was a different story.
My back was killing me and my abs felt as though I had done 10 Pilates sessions in a row . Turns out they were working after all. I would hate to see where I would have ended up if they weren’t.

Sadly I fear I will never be a champion jockey. And I will never appear in the Olympics in the show jumping. However, I loved my first horse/pony riding experience and as long as Bambi stops having nicer hair

than mine I would love to do it again!


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