When 5 year-olds raid your photos

I am called a “Super Hero” a lot. Not just when I am doing highbrow things such as skydiving or abseiling down skyscrapers (which I do for my own enjoyment not to save the world from evil-doers), but when I brush my own teeth or wipe my own bum as well.

I hate it because it is patronizing, ye of little faith.

Or do I…

I was chatting with my favourite 5-year-old twins on the weekend. The girl and I have always gotten on well (once I had answered her 1000 questions along the lines of “what are your intentions with my friend Damion?” at our first meeting that is). We both share a love for unicorns, Barbie and all things pink. But, as I am a girl (a highly infectious carrier of girl germs) and a very non-athletic girl at that, the boy and I have never really bonded. Until now.

While my fellow pink-lover and I were catching up, I mentioned the word “poncho”. When she did not know what a poncho was, I got out my phone and showed her a photo of me wearing one in the rain. She knew that I have a very cute photo of us together and so, she asked if she could look at it again. Of course, I said yes.

This lead to her investigating what else “cool” I had in my photo album (fear not, this is not going where you think it is). She found the animation my friend Neil sent me of my face super imposed onto the body of a unicorn which I thought was dancing, but which miss 5 informs me is actually farting (thanks Neil) and showed it to her brother. He was not very impressed.

She then found a photo of me and Batman. Suddenly his interest was piqued. “Do you know Batman?” He asked.

I am all for kids being kids and using their imagination as much as possible, but I had no idea what to say. So I told him the truth, I met Batman and the Hulk (they had found that photo by now too) while I was out walking one day. They were both very impressed.

He then sat really close to me, almost on my lap and asked in amazement “Nina, are you Wonder Woman?” he had just seen me dressed in her costume)

I know I should not have but I was flattered that he thought I could be (especially when he has seen me use both a wheelchair and a walking frame), and I was so chuffed that we were finally bonding. So naturally, I said that I was. Adding that they needed to keep it a secret, because superheros are not supposed to reveal their secret identity. He hugged me, which I took to mean that my secret was safe.

God help me if there is ever an emergency while I am around though…

Luckily, at that moment he noticed that I have no games on my phone and the subject was changed. I then spent the rest of my visit being instructed on which games I needed to download.


***all these photos/animation are on my Instagram @NinaMarieButler if you are interested.




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