About Nina

Nina is an Australian living in Perth, Western Australia.

Yes, she is disabled but this is what makes her awesome.

She hopes that by blogging about her life and disability people will realise that having a disability is not a tragedy.

Her ultimate goal in life is to be living proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Nina blogs each fortnight (ish) and is more than happy to receive feedback, ideas and suggestions.

She has written for the Big Issue Australia, Medical Forum and ABC Ramp Up, just to name a few, and speaks regularly on topics related to blogging and disability.

If you would like her to write for you, or speak to your colleagues, students or grandma’s knitting circle, send her a message. She is very nice!





4 thoughts on “About Nina

    1. Hi Nina, you have a wonderful sense of humour, you take on challenges with a smile, reading your short story has inspired me, I will think twice before I complain about some little inconvience. xxx Gail

  1. I’ve just become a paraplegic thru Dr misdiagnosis in the last 2 years & still trying to sort it as well as mothers & sisters sudden unexpected deaths. I enjoy what I have read & hope this helps me sort things out in my head. Have you written about people who say we wear our disability as a badge of honour? I am so offended by that comment becos I’m finding it so hard…pain cramps incontinence issues..falling over when I try to weight bare etc. Is it just tough love or lack of empathy or people are tired of you taking longer/slower/don’t want to be around you etc. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ve just discovered your blog….its great…are there any more like this you can recommend? Keep up the great thought provoking work! I live in country WA.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for connecting. I have written about people who say they wear their disability as a badge of honour because I am one of them. However I’m saying it because to me it shows people that there is no need to be ashamed of having a disability and also that having a disability is nothing to be pitied. My life and yours can be just as fulfilling as anyone else’s despite our extra challenges. It is only my opinion though and it took me a long time to work that out for myself. There is a blog called disabilities and crazy that you might enjoy also a blogger called Carly Findlay also blogs about disability and empowerment. Best of luck with everything XOXO

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