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My Boyfriend is so…….


My boyfriend is so…



My boyfriend is so aggressive. He’s always pushing me around (in my wheelchair).



My boyfriend is so rude. He’s always telling me where to go (coz if he doesn’t, my blindness  is bound to get me lost).



My boyfriend is so nasty. He is always yelling at me (even with my hearing aid, sometimes it’s the only way I’ll answer).



My boyfriend is so patronising. He repeats himself over and over (see above).



My boyfriend is so selfish. He never lets me do anything (unless it’s fun)




My boyfriend is so violent. He always beats me (in Monopoly, Guess Who…)



My boyfriend is a West Coast Eagles supporter (no, I don’t understand it either)




The moral: there is usually more to every story.


 Make sure you are in possession of all the facts!







Dating the Enemy: My boyfriend is an Eagles supporter

footy Nina 




It always takes a while to get to know a new partner. To get used to their quirks and habits. And to learn the day to day stuff, like how he takes his coffee (white with two for anyone playing along at home).  


When you stumble on something that you may find unnerving; he chews with his mouth open, leaves the toilet seat up or picks his nose at the table (for the record Damion doesn’t do any of these things) then you may just have to live with them.  After all without the little quirks he wouldn’t be the same man you fell in love with. That is, unless your boyfriend is a West Coast Eagles supporter!



Of course I knew of this flaw  (possibly the only one he’s got) before I even went out with him. We got all the skeletons out of our respective closets (Secret families, criminal records and penchant for the music of Milli Vanilli etc) very early on.  But like millions of women the world over, I thought that I could change him. Unfortunately this is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated.



Two weeks ago Damion asked me a question that I have dreamt of being asked  for my entire adult life. No, not “will you marry me,” but rather “Will you go to a Fremantle Dockers Game with me?” Naturally I said yes and proceeded to Facebook to make the announcement just as you do with any relationship milestone. 


On the day of my first ever AFL football game  I was beside myself with excitement. So much so that I insisted on getting to the stadium more than an hour before bounce down just in case I missed anything. It was a massive game. Dockers v Sydney and Matthew Pavlich (a Dockers legend) was celebrating his 350th game.


We had great seats right on the 50 metre line (thanks to Damion’s awesome brother in law who is a Dockers member) and despite the fact that it was raining heavily and very cold (The only reason I ate the disgusting and hideously overpriced hot chips available), I was having a ball although I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the players who had to run around in the rain while I was wrapped up like an Eskimo. 


In the end we lost by 90 points (I had forgotten to bring my footy boots so I couldn’t get onto the field and help them out) but I did see Pavlich up close so I was happy. Damion was very sweet and considering that this was my first time at the football and we had received such a thrashing he did his best not to rub it in, much!


The following week I went to the football again but this time the stakes were much higher. It was the Western Derby, Dockers versus the Eagles. The biggest game of the season for any Western Australian AFL fan.   The sun was shining (of course it was, this time I had brought with me a poncho) and the temperature was slightly warmer. 


I had decided that if ever I was going to bring Damion over from the “dark side” it would be at this game and when we were winning at half time I really thought I had a shot. But alas, our lead was short lived and we went on to lose by 48 points. Would I ever get to see my beloveds team win? Damion was again gracious in victory.


It was at this point that I realised while I was trying to bring him over to my side, Damion was trying to drag me over to his….


Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen. Go Freo!