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Dead Budgies Don’t Tweet!

2016 saw the loss of many great icons. It also saw the loss of my Budgie Albus. I didn’t know him for very long, two weeks to be exact. Yet in that short time he taught me a very valuable lesson. I am not cut out for bird ownership!


I had said that I wanted a pet (preferably a bird) for my birthday and so that night (the 16th of December in case you were wondering) my brother and    his girlfriend Amy wheeled in an ornate cage that was home to my new pet. I was delighted. Albus not so much.


From the second we met he was hell-bent on escape and in the days that followed he flew at me every time I popped over for a chat. Now, I’m not that experienced in budgie husbandry (or should that be wifery?) but I suspected this was not a good sign.


I was very disappointed by this and despite being sure that I could care for a bird myself, the fact that i couldn’t open the cage (and was too afraid to do so anyway) meant that my birthday present was just more work for Damion. Not what I had intended.


i have no doubt that Albus was very well cared for and (as long as i didn’t go anywhere near him)he was happy. But never-the-less, after only entering my life two weeks earlier, Albus quite literally dropped of the perch. I did wonder  if he’d taken his own life.


After the demise of Albus I decided that a ceramic bird was more my speed. It must have looked real too because upon spotting the Cockie in the cage I really got a telling off from a visitor one day. Apparently the cage, while palatial for a budgie was far too small for a cockatoo and the fact that i had not thought to bring it inside in what was 40 degree heat was just irresponsible. Thank goodness he didn’t go close enough to the cage to spot there was no food or water there either or he probably would have called the RSPCA!


The bird, called liberty (because it’s a statue(, has remained with me for almost a month now and has remained completely unscathed. This has given me the confidence to expand my menagerie further.


As I live in a one bedroom apartment and when I return to work I shall hardly be home. I have decided on a pet rock, It is to be christened Hudson. Rock Hudson.


RIP Albus.




Pigs are Friends not Food


Was anyone else concerned by how close the Red Rooster takeaway  van was to the poultry judging pavilion at the Perth Royal Show this year?  Is that what happens to the chooks that don’t win a ribbon?  The ducks and turkeys must be relieved…

I’m surprised there wasn’t a vendor selling bacon and egg burgers outside the animal nursery. How else will they keep the un-hatched chicks and the baby piglets in check?

Speaking of which, I want a pet pig!  I need one to round up my sheep (might get some of those too) a la Babe and help boost my profile a la Charlotte’s Web. Although I think in this instance a spider might be more helpful but I don’t want one of those thank you very much!

I recently discovered I am allergic to pork and all pork products. This means no more pork chops, ham sandwiches and most heartbreakingly of all, no more bacon. Oh the humanity!

They say that to err is human and to forgive is divine and who am I to argue? Just because pork doesn’t love me doesn’t mean I can’t love it,

I possibly spent a bit too much time in the animal nursery at the Perth Royal Show adoring and taking photos of the piglets. I was smitten and had I had a slightly larger handbag possibly would have stolen one.  Fear not though, I’m sure it would have been recovered. I’d have made a very slow getaway.

A lady at work has this really awesome assistance dog. It’s a poodle just like our dog Mozart but unfortunately although he is very clever I don’t think Mozart is cut out for that sort of work. Apparently with my less than perfect eyesight and my one of a kind walking style I do actually qualify for an assistance animal too. Is there such a thing as a seeing eye pig?

I have asked my parents if I can have a pig (yes I am a 30-year-old adult who still lives with her folks), but sadly they said no. Meanies. My apartment will be ready in less than a year. I wonder how the strata company would feel about me having a pig as a pet? Strangely it does not mention livestock in my contract.