Did feng shui fix my hand, and did my hand need fixing in the first place? Part two

Previously on ‘Inner musings of a funny looking kid,’ I had my apartment “Feng’d” (with a bonus palm reading), where the Feng Shui Consultant prescribed a number of changes and additions that, if followed, would improve my health by 60 per cent. Here’s what actually happened… 

In the first month after the changes, I was knocked out in a Woolworths supermarket (I bet not many people can say that!), which gave me the opportunity to have my first ever ride in an ambulance as a patient. It worked out well though, I did not have concussion or any spinal injury, despite having fallen out of my collapsible wheelchair onto my head, and I was released from hospital the same day.

I did return to hospital a week later with a face so swollen it could have presumably blocked the sun, which resulted in a tooth extraction and a course of antibiotics. However, the two things were unrelated; the latter was an infection (for a change).

When the consultant returned to my apartment to check that everything was set up properly, she immediately remarked that the energy was “so much better” than since her last visit, and asked me how my hand was. Grrrr. 

I replied that it was exactly the same, adding details of the two adventures above. All she said was, “Oh well, it takes time for the bad energy to drain away.”  I feel another eye roll coming on.

      After that though, things got a bit weird, (some might say coincidental).

Predictably, I came down with yet another ear infection, and one in my foot, which was a new development. My regular GP was away so I had to see a doctor I had never seen before, who apart from giving me antibiotics (again), referred me to an Infectious Diseases Specialist. Something no one had ever done before.

Long story short, I saw this specialist, she did some swabs that had never been done before either, and the culprit was identified and dealt with. I have not altered my routine in anyway, and I have not had any kind of infections at all since, (five months for anyone playing at home), which is a record, for me. In fact, apart from a summer cold, and what later turned out to be muscle strains from making up for lost time, I really haven’t been out of action at all.   Cue mysterious music swell.

However, the strangest development of all relates to my hand. It’s open.

Not completely though, the tips of my fingers are still slightly bent, but now it opens on its own and stays that way. I can hold and pick up things with my left hand now too, (sort of). It’s baffling. I have been doing gym and Pilates for years and obviously, we have worked extensively on my hands and arms, but it has only opened in the last six weeks or so, and it did so without any changes to my exercise regime.  Surely, it couldn’t be that bracelet, could it?

Ironically though, if I want to make a fist with my left hand now, I have to kind of squash it shut with my other hand. As a result, I have also had to find new ways of doing things to accommodate my new abilities. Plus, being open must not have improved the way it looks either. 

At the dentist last week, I was asked why my hand was so “gnarly,” and I assure you the question did not come from a stereotypical surfie dude from the 70s.

All this really does beg the question: Did Feng Shui actually fix my hand, and did it really need fixing in the first place?


PS, still no sign of Mr Right, any takers? 🤣

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